My passion for scuba diving started right after I got my first diving certification. I immediately realized that the underwater environment was something I could not live without.  For this reason, I completely dedicated myself to the mastery of diving and I was able to obtain the most prestigious diving certifications available in a very short amount of time. In the beginning, I was just a diving hobbyist; but my love of diving spurred me on to become an instructor.
I currently teach PADI, IANTD, SDI-TDI, JJ-CCR and GUE at the most advanced levels.
Thanks to my vast experience in the diving industry, I have been able to participate in and lead important projects and exploratory missions, such as :

2015   Asian Karst Exploration Project (AKEP)
2015   FL Deep Wreck Project
2016   Asian Karst Exploration Project (AKEP)
2016   Mars Project
2016   Project Baseline – Bermuda Project
2017   Lipari Archeo Project
2017   Korea Underwater Cave Survey Project (KUCSP)
2017   Woodville Karst Plane Project (WKPP)
2018   Woodville Karst Plane Project (WKPP)
2018   Asian Karst Exploration Project (AKEP)
2018   Mars Project