“Shawne Stanley starting working in USA at Pelagic/Oceanic/Hollis in the warehouse in 1996.  In 1998 off to Europe to Backpack for 1 -2 years and never came back!  Bob and Mike Hollis offered him a job in Germany in  diving regulator/computer service, warehouse, and more.  Shortly after he was needed in Pomezia, Italy near Rome.  There his Export Manager carreer took off in Europe, the middle east and northern Africa for the next 10 years.  Later luck would bring him again to Augsburg, Germany and later the UK arriving up to the CEO Managing director.  in 2017 as Oceanic/Hollis were sold then continued as Senior Account Manager for BtS Europa AG/OMS/DUI up to 30.11.2023.  Now he is representing K01, DUI and OMS as a brand Ambassador pursuing his Diving Career to be come Instructor, Trainer, and more with RAID!  Accomplished open water, advanced, Rescue, Divestmaster, Fundamentals, Intro to Cave, Sidemount, Nitrox, Advanced Nitrox, an all around diver deep in his soul!  We are happy to have him on our Team diving K01 around the world!”