Diving Experience

FLD – Fast Lane Explorers Team Leader

WKPP Member since 2007

MCEP Member since 2010

AKEP Member since 2016

Previous EKPP Member – Joined 14 projects in France

800 Cave Dives / 250 Wreck Dives / 700 Decompression Dives / 900 DPV Dives

Mostly in cold water (8°C) dives up to 7 hours

Military Spec OPS DPV training with Oxygen rebreather – SIEL and Draeager+ 150 dives


Underwater Cave Exploration

Mexico : 2008 EJPP – Pit Cave

Sardinia : 2008 SKPP – Bue Marino Cave Exploration

Florida : 2014 – 2015 Sally Ward – Turner Sink – Emerald Sink

Mexico : 2010 – Current – MCEP cave exploration and mapping, Yucatan

Italy : 2012 – Sardinia Project

Italy : 2008 – Current – Oliero Project – Fontanazzi – Elefante Bianco – Rio Torretta

Philippines: 2016 AKEP – Samar – Kasili System


Wreck Exploration

Italy 1995 – 2004 : Northern Sardinia Wrecks localization and Exploration – depth range 45-100mt depth

Croatia 2000: Pag Island Wreck exploration – depth range 55-90mt



Exploration, support, video support, survey, decompression, rebreather,

Extreme exposure exploration: Cold water 8°C 7 hours runtime


Professional Experience

1999 – Current – CEO Suex SRL



Alessandro has been diving since 1981 in various underwater environments.

He started in the early 90’s locating and exploring Wrecks in the Northern of Sardinia. In 2000 he took part to the Pag Island Wreck project that led to the discovery of six deep wrecks. As previous member of the EKPP, he took part to several projects, mainly in France as support diver, to join then the WKPP in 2007. From 2011, year of foundation, he leads the FLD Team that counts 25 active cave divers. He leads explorations and mapping projects, mostly in the Northern Italian Caves, accomplishing long dives in cold water.

From his passion for diving and his desire to improve diving equipments, he founded “Suex – The Submarine Exploration Company” with his partner Marco Segatto in 1999 in order to manufacture a high performance diving vehicle for all professionals, explorers and the depth divers, as well as for applications in the Navy.

Beyond being an eager and passionate underwater explorer for more than 20 years, he trains the military Spec Ops on the Suex DPV use and management.